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Are you planning to make your own fuel?

Some people want to make their own fuel as a way to become energy independent, and some want to make it for a business. You will find the necessary information in this section to make your own decisions and to learn about what it takes to be a biodiesel producer. For example you may find some useful information on our technote "Home Brewing Biodiesel" regarding feedstock and safety, or you can check out the best practices in biodiesel laboratory management.

You will find helpful calculators, our publications, and available literature that explain methods, safety, economics, and every aspect of making biodiesel. We sincerely hope you will find what you are looking for to become successful in biodiesel production.

Use our calculators to calculate chemical amounts

Do you know how to calculate the correct amount of ingredients to make biodiesel from different feedstocks? Use our calculator to find out.

Our Production Process

We use our Quality Control Plan to ensure we make high quality biodiesel. Check out our production process here.