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Energy Education for 8-12 years old

Energy is an important part of our daily life. It is hard to imagine a comfortable life without power. To teach students from age 8-12 about energy, we have prepared this book.

This book is divided into simple to understand lessons. The concepts covered in this book include:

  1. What is Energy?
  2. Liquid Fuels as Energy Sources
  3. Fossil Fuels
  4. Renewable Energy
  5. Vegetable Oil and Animal Fat as Sources of Energy
  6. How is Biodiesel Made and Used

Please feel free to use this in your class room or your 4-H club activities to teach students about the responsible and renewable use of energy

High School Chemistry using Biodiesel

Teaching chemistry to a high school student could be boring and tough. However, that boring and hard chemistry lab can be turned into a fun and exciting class if students see a way to change the world. We have carefully selected the chemistry labs appropriate in high school chemistry classes using biodiesel. There are companion notes for teachers and videos that will guide you through doing those labs safely. The students will gain an understanding of chemical principles while learning to make their own fuel. Some of the labs that we have prepared demonstrate the concepts of:

  1. Chemical reaction
  2. Balancing a chemical equation
  3. Reaction equilibrium
  4. Titration
  5. Physical and chemical solubility
  6. Removing contaminants in a liquid

Please feel free to use these labs individually or collectively in your high school chemistry class. Please contact us or provide us feedback if you have any comments/concers or suggestions