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How do I use biodiesel?

One common question we get asked about biodiesel is, how do I get started with using biodiesel? Well, the answer is: you may already have been using biodiesel without even knowing it. The diesel fuel specification (ASTM D975) allows for biodiesel concentrations of up to 5% (B5) to be called diesel fuel, with no separate labeling required at the pump. Low-level biodiesel blends, such as B5, are ASTM approved for safe operation in any compression-ignition engine designed to be operated on petroleum diesel. This can include light-duty and heavy-duty diesel cars and trucks, tractors, boats, and electrical generators.

You will find all kinds of information on using biodiesel and what are potential pitfalls to avoid in this section.

Why should I use biodiesel?

Biodiesel is an alreanate of middle distillate fuel that primarily includes diesel and home heating oil. There are several advantages of using biodiesel when available. Below is the quick list. For more please click Here:

  1. Renewable
  2. Higher Cetane Number
  3. Cleaner Burning
  4. Nontoxic
  5. Environmentally Friendly
  6. Domestic
  7. More food
  8. Adds to fuel lubricity
  9. Interchangeability

For details please visit our page on, "Biodiesel Benefits".

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